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The Ultimate Printable Moving Kit: FREE Download

Are you shifting home and moving to a new country? Or moving locally?

Simplify your move and make the whole experience fun for everyone involved.

Become super organized with this FREE Printable Moving Kit by Writer Relocations.

Download it Now.

This Moving Kit has 8 Useful Printables to Help You for Your Home Moving

1. To Do Lists

2. Utilities and Services Record Lists

3. Important Contacts List

4. Box Inventory

5. Budget and Expenses Management List

6. Move-in Necessities

7. Packing Labels

8. Move Announcements

The details of each printable are given below.

To Do Lists

There are zillion things you need to get done before moving. Jot it all down on this to-do list so you won't miss out on anything.

Utilities and Services Record Lists

There are services you need to discontinue at your current place. And a few you need connections for at your new house.

Write all that down on this list and stick it on your refrigerator or by the phone. This way, you won't forget a thing and have it all sorted well in advance before the move.

Important Contacts List

Your relocation agency who you might need to call a few times for asking about something or the other. Your friends whose help you might need for looking after the kids or running errands for you once in a while. Family, friends, and colleagues who you might want to inform about the move. Any repair services you might need last minute.

Note down all their numbers here.

Box Inventory

Use this list to avoid confusion while unloading and unpacking at your destination. Mark each box and write down what each one contains and where it goes.

Budget and Expenses Management List

We know how important this is. You don't want to overspend on your move. Neither would you want to lose track of how much you've spent. Be extra careful with this. Set a budget and stick to it. And make a note of all your expenses here.

Move-in Necessities

This is the most important thing. But with all the chaos, it is also the most easily forgotten thing.

Make a list of all the things that go into your personal box. Stick this list on your refrigerator so you don't forget to pack any of these things.


Packing Labels

Once all the boxes have been packed, they'd all look the same. How do you know what contains what? Your packers and movers will take care of all the important things. But you'd need to take care of your personal items.

Print enough of these stickers and slap it onto your bags to avoid confusion.


Move Announcements

You'd obviously want to tell your friends and family that you're moving. Get a little creative by using these cute move announcements. If you're having a moving-away party, you could hand these to your guest. Or use these as postcards and send it to your friends from your new address.

Download this printable moving kit to simplify your move.

If you're moving with kids, you could get them involved by asking them to fill out some of these. This way, relocating to a new place could turn into a fun and enjoyable experience that the whole family remembers.

Writer Relocations has been helping people move stress-free and damage-free since 63 years. We specialize in local home shifting, international removals, commercial moves and office relocations.

When you move with Writer Relocations, you are assured of a fuss-free experience. To plan your move, call us on our toll-free number 1800-123-0077 or get in touch with our Pre-move Orientation Services expert.

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Have you ever shifted home? Are you planning a move soon? What has your experience been like? We’d love to hear all about it.

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