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Efficient Hospitality Logistics Solutions

Renovate, relocate, or open a new hotel without headaches.

You know that it requires weeks to renovate an existing hotel especially when it is partially occupied. It is also not easy to relocate a restaurant to a new premise.

What’s at stake?

Imagine setting up an entire hospitality project from scratch. But do not be deterred after listening to the tall order of the tasks ahead. You have been doing well in your existing business and so relocating your business. This restaurant had been your dream for years, so let not the relocation process be so daunting that you remain at the old spot even after facing a lot of inconveniences.

Assigning the responsibility

You need to meticulously plan to the last detail when you manage hospitality logistics.And along with that you can hand over the entire responsibility of the operations to a reliable partner who understands the nuances of the commercial moving business and has a heart for your venture as well.

Unless you involve a professional hospitality moving and logistics partner as a part of the process, the chances are that the project could become a nightmare and cause you to bleed money. Now, that is something you really do not want, right?

That is the reason you need to be very assertive when you want to select a hotel relocation expert when it comes to sorting out your work at hand.

Trust the best

There are plenty of hotel equipment movers in the market. But you would want someone who has experience in international hospitality logistics. When it comes to relocating your hotel or restaurant’s logistics, you would simply want the best service provider for yourself.

Call in Writer Relocations, the experienced hospitality logistics professional with 70 years of moving expertise. When it comes to hospitality logistics, you can't get better than the highest standard in moving that the company provides.

Writer Relocations will pack, store, transport, unpack and install your hotel facility, while you focus on wowing your guests. All the very best.

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Testimonial Background

Read what people like you say about packing and moving with Writer Relocations.

For the Hilton-Shillim Retreat & Spa, we had to install the furniture and fixtures in 100 villas. These were imported from various countries and then moved to the location near Lonavla.

Writer Relocations were entrusted with the task of customs clearance, temporary storage, moving, and installation of the items. The furniture had to be moved in instalments to be in step with the work at the site.This meant that the merchandise needed to be stored for periods till it was ready to be shipped to Lonavla based on the project schedule. Writer Relocations completed the project on schedule and with great flair. I think we made the best decision to rely on the Writer Relocations for this project.

Bhagwan Balani, GM, Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa

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