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8 Questions To Ask When Looking For The Best Commercial Packers And Movers

All businesses change over time. Sometimes, the transformation compels you to move your commercial premises to another location.

There are many reasons why you’d choose to move your business

  • Your business is expanding
  • Your lease is expiring
  • You have found business opportunities at a new location
  • You are planning an employee relocation or to relocate office equipment, plant and machinery at your headquarters, or branches, in a new city.
  • You have decided to consolidate your offices from a cluster to an integrated new premise.

Commercial moves are a worrisome process. You are anxious about it. You can, however, reduce your anxiety if you pre-plan your move with a commercial relocation expert.

Here is 8-point checklist you could use to evaluate your commercial packers and movers.

1. Check the Moving Service Provider’s Credentials

You need to ask some serious questions to your moving service provider. after all, you’re trusting expensive machinery to him.

  • How many years have you been in the moving business?
  • How many commercial relocations have you executed?
  • Do you have references and testimonials from customers to support your claims?
  • Is your moving company accredited? To which associations and for how long?
  • What is the process for moving that you employ? Describe it in detail.
  • What packing materials do you use?

The movers with a richer experience can make your move comfortable. You can count on Writer Relocations for the gold standard experience in Commercial Moving.

2. Check who is executing the shift.

You need to familiarize with people working on your move. Do you engage with trained employees who are courteous and knowledgeable? This enables them to carry the task correctly. Ask your movers whether the people hired by them for your move are on their regular rolls, or on contract? Contract employees are not obliged to provide you with a pleasant moving experience.

3. Check if insurance is covered as part of the move.

Insurance cover takes care of unexpected accidents. Hiring an insured commercial moving company ensures the safety of your goods.

  • Ask for the kind of insurance cover they provide. Is it associated only with the pieces of office equipment, or does it cover moving people too?
  • Find out about the company's insurance policy regarding lost or damaged items. What does a claim process entail?
  • Are there any local laws that you need to be aware of for compliance? Find out.

4. Check how the quote is structured.

Arrange for a visit by your relocating company to the site. Ask them for a quotation, after they assess the merchandise, equipment, and cargo to be transported. Demand a binding quote. This is the legal document stating the final cost of the move. A binding quote protects you from additional charges that are discovered along the move.

5. Check how the belongings are packed.

Evaluate the packing process used in your move. Top commercial movers use high-quality plastic moving cartons or quick-set boxes. Keep a check on the quality of the packing material. This ensures the safety of your goods in transit.

6. Check the vehicles used for transport of your cargo.

Check the availability of transport vehicles. Ask questions. How will the service provider move cargo from the origin site? What equipment and vehicles will they use for the move? A quality transport company opts for air-ride suspension moving vans with mounted hydraulic lift gates, rather than trailers.

7. Check how furniture, office equipment, plant, and machinery will be reinstalled?

Include reinstallation service into your deal. Ensure that a trained installer carries out the specific installations of your office furniture or plant & machinery. Additional services must be included in the contract itself. For eg: If the existing furniture at the new site needs to be uninstalled alert the moving company about the task before hand.

8. Check who will supervise the move.

Commercial moves need domain know-how, planning, and precise execution, in order to meet budgets and timelines. You don't want your downtime to be more than your cost, do you?

If the commercial moving company has assigned the task to the well-equipped project manager, along with the group of supervisors, then your move would be smooth. Follow the 8 tips we have put together to make your commercial move smooth and stress-free.

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Do add your insights and experience in commercial moving below.

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