Connect, Control and Optimize your Light Commercial Buildings with the CORTIXedge™ system


Gain unprecedented visibility and control of facility equipment while managing occupant comfort, food safety and saving on energy, labor and maintenance costs.

In today’s digital age, the ability to rapidly connect and harness data from a building is imperative to drive sustained profitability. EcoEnergy Insights has developed the CORTIXedge system, which allows businesses that manage light commercial buildings, such as convenience stores, restaurants, gyms, salons and clinics, to efficiently manage operations and make their geographically distributed building network ready to take advantage of new technologies.

The CORTIXedge system is a plug-and-play solution that enables light commercial buildings to go digital easily.

The CORTIXedge system:

  • Easily connects to building equipment
  • Effectively controls equipment operations
  • Rapidly enables bi-directional data exchange with the cloud
  • Provides insights to improve thermal compliance and energy efficiency through data analytics
  • Provides services to make your building operations data driven

Businesses can now manage their stores proactively in order to provide better experiences for their customers without dealing with the complexity of technology, connectivity, data security, the diversity of equipment on their premises and, in most cases, connecting to multiple clouds. They will not have to deal with pushing policies and schedules and will have access to a team that can carry out remote resolutions.

Our services with the CORTIXedge system enables businesses to achieve the following:-

food safety

Enhance Food

increase visibility

Increase Visibility
of Operations

operational excellence



Occupant Comfort

energy saving

Improved Energy

With a wide range of functionalities, the CORTIXedge system provides businesses with the ability to control and manage connected building equipment seamlessly.

Network Architecture

CORTIXedge controller

The CORTIXedge controller is an intelligent and robust IoT device which can easily integrate with and control underlying equipment like HVAC, lighting systems, refrigeration thermostats, meters and sensors. This easy to install device is supplied with all required instrumentation such as meters, sensors, contactors as well as a power supply

CORTIX controller

Key features:

  • Open interface which connects to any MODBUS device
  • Secure and efficient data transfer with minimum bandwidth
  • Auto selection of telecom carrier with the strongest available signal to enable smart communication
  • Preloaded with numerous intelligent control libraries
  • High availability with multiple recovery options
  • Cloud-enabled data collection

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CORTIXedge application

The CORTIXedge application is an IoT platform that provides users with visibility into operations of various building equipment through a suite of modules. It provides insights that can be acted upon to manage the health of equipment, improve occupant comfort and manage the energy efficiency of the facility

CORTIX application

Key features of the application:

  • Service Window® framework based operational insights*
  • Ability to drill down to the site on the basis of geography or as per business hierarchy
  • Role-based access control that allows users to see relevant details
  • Reports are available on energy consumption, temperature compliance and can be easily downloaded by the user

*Our patented framework enables us to identify the relationship between energy consumption patterns (measured in kWh) and operations patterns, measured by site usage pattern (e.g. customer usage vs employee only usage hours), guest count or footfalls, etc.

BluEdge™ Command Centers

Our BluEdge Command Centers are teams of skilled analysts, data scientists and domain experts who manage requisite site interventions, define action plans and ensure their comprehensive completion in a timely manner. This centralized operations center enables retailers to change their current mode of operations to a data driven one.

Command center

Key services offered:

  • Remote commissioning
  • 24/7 service desk for remote resolutions
  • Intelligent dispatches to pro-actively resolve equipment issues that require technician visits
  • Carry out bulk or individual building level changes such as set point and policy corrections
  • Verify effectiveness of any maintenance or repair at a site to avoid calls and dispatches
  • Problem management desk to identify and reduce repeat issues
  • Measurement and verification of savings

EcoEnergy Insights provides a turnkey solution for supply, installation and remote commissioning of the CORTIXedge system. Our centralized service desk takes in all the requests for making configuration changes, such as schedule updates and updating store temperature policies.

The CORTIXedge system has been designed for enterprises with a network of small-format retail stores, convenience stores and quick service restaurants. These enterprises can look to achieve elevated levels of operations and standards of compliance with the CORTIXedge system.

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