Intelligent Buildings: Delivering Sustainable Results Across Industries

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Building owners and operators are looking at upgrading to smart building technology and have made significant investments to achieve that. However, the desired business outcomes have been elusive. For schools and public buildings, energy consumption patterns differ from site to site as they are dependent on multiple factors. Some of these factors are end use (library, judicial complex, jail, school and university), weather, layout, size, orientation, operation pattern, controllability. Further, there is a wide vintage and variety of the underlying electromechanical systems and their condition (technology, age and maintenance). In the case of small offices, the lack of automation sensing results in reduced efficiency of measuring and control system.

The cost of such inefficiencies can run up to millions of dollars for enterprises having thousands of buildings.

Choose our customized solutions and get a host of advantages:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy

Improved Equipment Efficiency

Improved Equipment

Enhanced Occupant Comfort

Enhanced Occupant

Proactive Maintenance Management

Proactive Maintenance

Reduced Operational disruptions

Reduced Operational

Improved Compliance Management

Improved Compliance

Better Service Management

Better Service

Improved Tracking of warranties

Improved Tracking of

Smart energy efficient buildings

Our advanced CORTIX™ platform enabled monitoring and analytics service integrates all major building automation systems, equipment and operational data sources. The service helps generate deep insights and actionable intelligence by collating, contextualizing, normalizing and analyzing your IoT and business data. This ensures optimization opportunities are uncovered even at an individual equipment level.

The 24/7 BluEdge™ Command Centers is tightly integrated with the CORTIX™ platform that enables dynamic real-time interventions to sustain the identified savings. These also help commission new saving strategies remotely through numerous interventions and coordination between multiple stakeholders to make the service successful. Our highly advanced technology and strong domain expertise result in the right blend of conservation measures and efficient equipment operations, resulting in improved energy efficiency and truly smart building IoT.

Case in Point

Airport using CORTIX building IoT platform

Terminal Buildings of one of the largest and busiest airports in the world with a total annual Handling Capacity of 65 Million passengers. The building IoT platform CORTIX was integrated with the chiller plant system for two of the terminals spread across 825,663 sq. ft. We monitored and analyzed 30 unique equipment and the CORTIX platform processed over 79,296 records per day. Corrections were advised for asset efficiency improvement and proactive maintenance.

School university and public buildings with improved efficiency and equipment performance
Schools and Public Buildings

We analyzed and monitored 2 buildings of a world-leading university in Australia with 260 unique assets. The Building IoT platform CORTIX ™ was integrated with 1,141 data points and 109,536 records were processes per day. We delivered actionable insights - based on the buildings' IoT data to improve energy efficiency and equipment performance and continuously identified operational issues such as schedule violation, maximization of free cooling and thermal compliance maintenance.

Office buildings using analytics solutions for better efficiency and maintenance

We provided our analytics solution for one of the largest office complexes in Singapore. We analyzed and processed 50,000+ records per day from 540 data points from the entire building of over 518,288 sq. ft. with over 300 assets. This was maintained and monitored through our BluEdge™ Command Centers. Using the insights from the Building IoT platform CORTIX we were able to able to avoid excess usage of pumps, monitor performance of Air Handling Units and ensure the health check of sensors.

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