We transform margins, efficiency and performance in industrial sectors such as discrete manufacturing, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Smarter manufacturing | Digitally transformed plant


Utilizing your data to achieve business objectives is challenging, because data from multiple systems like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Maintenance Management System (MMS) needs to be collated and analyzed effectively. Additionally, rising costs of energy, operations and maintenance – some of your most significant cost components – and increasingly stringent environmental regulations can significantly affect the overall performance of your plants.

Choose our comprehensive, customized solution and get multiple benefits, such as:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy

Improved Plant Efficiency

Improved Plant

Reduced Plant Downtime

Reduced Plant

Proactive Maintenance Management

Proactive Maintenance

Better Compliance and Quality Scores

Better Compliance and
Quality Scores

Reduced Operating Cost

Reduced Operating

Agile Operations


Smarter Manufacturing


Mitigate multiple challenges, such as:

  • Complexity of operations, with different products, production processes and schedules, operating conditions and parameters, number of employees
  • Possible revenue loss due to equipment downtime during implementation
  • Issues in integrating or upgrading the connected infrastructure in leased spaces
  • Unavailability of a standard solution, as each plant is unique. Even within the same industry, each plant needs a customized solution.
Cutting edge technology driven solutions for manufacturing plants

A smarter manufacturing plant goes through multiple phases before it achieves full plant digital transformation. Combined with actionable insights generated by the CORTIX™ Building IoT platform – digital transformation results in multiple benefits. Our solutions in energy efficiency, proactive maintenance and compliance monitoring deliver immediate benefits, without needing complete plant automation.

Benefit from customized, advanced building management systems for your plants through comprehensive, capex-light, next-gen managed services for all of your manufacturing phases. With near real-time interventions by the 24/7 BluEdge™ Command Centers, gain from robust energy conservation measures, meeting your energy efficiency targets and the associated emission reduction and cost benefits.

Case in Point

Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

For Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals plants, management of HVAC and Refrigeration is crucial in saving costs, boosting efficiency and enhancing performance. HVAC systems can comprise up to 70% of a plant's electrical energy consumption.

At one manufacturing facility, we have estimated annual savings of 3% by focusing on HVAC Systems as a whole instead of evaluating it at a component level.

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