EcoEnergy Insights: Delivering Solutions for Restaurant Energy Efficiency

Energy management predictive maintenance guest comfort for QSR and full service restaurants


Every restaurant or restaurant chain is unique and so are the business goals associated with it. Your restaurants deserve a solution that understands them well. Our Connected Restaurant program leverages the power of the CORTIX™ Building IoT platform and our understanding of restaurant operations to deliver measurably better results such as:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy

Reduced Operating Cost

Reduced Operating

Improved Guest comfort

Improved Guest

Enhanced Food Safety

Enhanced Food

Improved Crew Accountability

Improved Crew

Informed decision making on menu changes

Informed decision making
on menu changes

Optimized utility procurement

Optimized utility

The highly scalable and flexible CORTIX™ platform also has the ability to work with large, complex restaurant networks and keep pace with their rapid expansion across geographies.

Our CORTIX™ platform is at the core of this comprehensive program offering you intelligence in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Customer experience
  • Food safety compliance, including HACCP based deviations
  • Maintenance effectiveness
  • Equipment performance
Connected restaurant program

The Connected Restaurant program is built on our patented approach called SERVICE WINDOW®. This helps in identifying the relationship between energy consumption patterns and the operations patterns (measured in footfalls or revenue). The framework illustrates the unique energy and business profiles that a typical restaurant goes through during its operations, over different business periods like breakfast, lunch and dinner, or even 24-hour operations. The profiles for each of the service windows would be different and would get repeated every day with a fair bit of consistency. Using this innovative framework, we analyze the patterns and identify the potential to save energy management services for your restaurant network. Through this approach, we have consistently been delivering energy savings between 7% and 13% currently for QSRs and FSRs across North America and Asia.

Case in Point

With a nationwide portfolio of restaurants, a renowned pizza delivery chain in India partnered with us for an enterprise-wide IoT and Analytics initiative. The objectives were optimizing the energy spend, enabling food safety tracking in refrigeration, enforcing thermal compliance policies in dining areas and enabling central real-time visualization of energy usage. The Connected Restaurant program enabled sustained multi-year savings of more than 10% at 400+ restaurants across kitchen, dining and refrigeration loads. Further to energy savings, we achieved an improvement of 18% in walk in chiller compliance and an improvement of 83% in guest area thermal compliance improvement over 3 years of the engagement.

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