Our bank operations-centric solutions optimize facility operations for offices, branches and ATM networks.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance management solutions for bank branches offices ATM


Reduce your energy spend and increase your margins by improving energy efficiency across your branches, offices, ATM networks and data centers. Utilize your data effectively, to not only save energy costs but also achieve significant business objectives.

Opt for our solutions for banks and get the following benefits:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy

Improved Equipment Efficiency

Improved Equipment

Enhanced Occupant Comfort

Enhanced Occupant

Improved Occupant Safety

Improved Occupant

Proactive Maintenance Management

Proactive Maintenance

Reduced Equipment Downtime

Reduced Equipment

Enhanced Equipment Life

Enhanced Equipment

Optimized Utility Procurement

Optimized Utility

Solutions for bank branch side complexities

CORTIX™, the scalable, product-agnostic Building IoT platform integrates your entire energy infrastructure spread across a wide area. The AI-enabled platform generates intelligent, actionable insights by collating, contextualizing and analyzing your IoT data from your building automation system and business data.

These insights are utilized by our skilled analysts to generate energy conservation measures and action plans towards achieving your key business goals. The 24/7 BluEdge™ Command Centers has domain experts that understand the operational challenges of the banking industry. It also provides near real-time interventions to deliver energy efficiency targets, associated emission reduction and cost benefits.

SERVICE WINDOW® our patented framework enables us to identify the relationship between energy consumption patterns and operations patterns (measured in footfalls or revenue). The framework illustrates the unique energy and business profiles that a typical bank branch goes through during its operations over a period of time, usually 24 hours. The profiles for each of the service windows are different and are typically repeated every day. Using this innovative framework, we analyze the patterns and identify the potential to reduce costs across your connected infrastructure.

While consumption in large offices and data centers might be relatively easier to manage, the branch side presents multiple complexities. We help you address the following branch-side challenges:

  • Wide network spread across a large geographical expanse
  • Multiple formats and operating schedules
  • Involvement of numerous stakeholders such as landlords, procurement teams, facilities teams, equipment manufacturers, service providers
  • Modifying the connected infrastructure in leased business spaces
  • Unviable solutions, as most energy management systems are designed for large buildings

Case in Point

An Indian banking and financial services company partnered with us for an enterprise-wide IoT and analytics initiative. The service involved deploying an IoT sensor kit at 440+ sites along with the CORTIX™ platform. We have delivered sustained, multi-year savings of more than 12.5 % as of December 2018.

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