The CORTIX™ platform wins an AI Excellence Award

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The CORTIX™ platform won an award for pattern recognition at the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards organized by the Business Intelligence Group.

“We are so proud to name the CORTIX platform as a winner in our 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program”, said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that the CORTIX platform was using AI to improve the lives of their customers and employees. Congratulations to the entire team!”

The CORTIX platform is an AI and IoT platform that is built to learn and recognize equipment behavior patterns and predict how that behavior will lead to a failure, with a view to prevent it from happening. The platform’s ability to learn and recognize behavior patterns improves with data streamed from connected equipment. Learnings can also percolate from one equipment to another if they have similar technology in aspects of mechanical, electrical, controls or connectivity.

When a live equipment streams data to the CORTIX platform, the digital product continuously monitors and identifies patterns of changing equipment behavior. It matches these behavior patterns to the scenario library to identify the exact stage in a sequence to provide an appropriate recommendation. As the failure progresses or conditions change, the recommendations change to reflect the most appropriate action for the situation. All recommendations are compiled in a single user interface and presented to the user. This enables businesses to adopt predictive maintenance techniques.


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