Best Predictive Analytics Platform award for the CORTIX™ platform

EcoEnergy Insights

EcoEnergy Insights has won the “Best Predictive Analytics Platform” award for the CORTIX™ platform at the fourth annual AI Breakthrough Awards program.

Commercial Businesses are constantly racing against time to address their stakeholders’ needs. Buildings are critical to offering employees and customers a healthy and pleasant experience when they work, shop, dine, etc. What building facility management teams need, is an intelligent assistant that proactively seeks out potential problems and helps teams solve them quickly. And where possible, even autonomously. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this need for an assistant to help facility managers meet their high priority objectives of a) controlling the spread of viruses, b) making occupants feel comfortable and c) ensuring their operations are energy efficient.

The CORTIX™ AI platform is that intelligent assistant. It focuses on predicting the future and either acting on the predictions or offering prescriptive recommendations, so that facility managers stay on top of store operations. It analyzes data from multiple sources – the equipment, the weather, the work done during previous technician visits – and arrives at precise actions to be taken, to prevent an unwanted occurrence. Like the malfunctioning or breakdown of a chiller that is critical to large buildings, or the breakdown of a roof top unit that is critical to retail buildings.

“The CORTIX platform breaks through the market by empowering facility managers with a proven AI assistant that enables them to meet their objectives. Congratulations on winning our ‘Best Predictive Analytics Platform’ award.”

James Johnson, managing director, AI Breakthrough.

The CORTIX platform serves 17 categories of building equipment in different end-user verticals. Overall, 300,000 equipment are connected to the CORTIX platform. The platform’s base engine is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven, providing Insights-to-Action and, thereby, creating value for customers. Here’s a look at the main applications:

CORTIX Platform - Main Application For Smart Building

View this video to learn how we go about digitally transforming your building and equipment operations with the CORTIX™ Platform.

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